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How Osteopathy Helped Me; By Kerry Anderson Osteopath

As an osteopath I have always been an advocate of osteopathic treatment for expectant and post-natal mothers to support the changes their bodies go through with a growing bump, giving birth and the post-natal recovery. But I fully appreciated how much benefit can be gained from regular osteopathic treatment when I was pregnant and after the birth of my daughter just over a year ago.

During my pregnancy I sought treatment for sacro-iliac and lower back pain during the second and third trimesters at regular intervals which relieved the symptoms.  In the third trimester I also began to suffer the common indigestion symptoms and shortness of breath as my uterus began pushing into my ribcage and once again osteopathic treatment gave me a lot of relief.  After the birth further treatment helped my recovery and shoulder/neck ache from feeding and carrying my new baby, and coping with general tiredness.  My opinion my be biased but osteopathy was my saviour and helped me to cope with the physical challenges of being an expectant and then new mum!

If you haven't considered osteopathy as part of your birthing preparation, how might it help you?  Well, your body goes through a lot of postural changes during your pregnancy as it accommodates your growing baby.  The increase in pregnancy hormones softens your joints and can exacerbate old injuries as well as create new joint aches and pains.  An osteopath who has specialist knowledge in how to expectant and post-natal mothers can alleviate some of these physical aches and pains.  They can also help prepare your body for the birth through improved biomechanics especially the ribcage for breathing and the pelvis for delivery.

So if I have sparked your curiosity about how osteopathic treatment may help you, a discussion may answer any questions you have.  You may think I am biased because I am an osteopath, but after my own experience I want other new mums to benefit too. 

Pilates for Pregnancy, by Lucinda Pepper -  Instructor at Pepilates Pilates Studio

Planning a pregnancy, being pregnant and then becoming a new mum is a huge journey for any women to take and there's a lot to consider when it comes to your body and well-being. Several of these key things are how prepare your body for the changes ahead, manage your pregnancy without succumbing to the usual aches and pains and how to get your body back after the birth.

Thankfully Pilates can offer the solution to all of them. The Pilates system is a low impact form of exercise which works to develop the body uniformly, strengthen and lengthen muscles and has a significant focus on the breath in order to oxygenate the muscles and organs, improve overall health and reduce stress levels. It is therefore a great way to get strong and prepare your body for change as well as being a safe form of exercise during your pregnancy and an extremely effective way of getting your body back after birth.

The low impact, low intensity nature of Pilates means that your body is not put under too much stress whilst ligaments are loosening due to hormonal changes that occur naturally  during pregnancy nor do you become overheated during work outs which is very important during the 1st trimester when the embryo is delicately forming and developing. Pilates can also be adapted to the individuals needs so even if you have pre-existing issues prior to your pregnancy, these can be worked on or around. During the latter stages of pregnancy ones posture rapidly goes through huge changes and managing these changes is key, so if your body is in good shape to start with you have a head start but learning how your body is changing and what you can do to stay strong and comfortable is of huge benefit and something our clients at Pepilates often find the most helpful. 

Then there's the labour to consider at the end of it all! Breathing, staying focused and having good physical endurance are all things which will be improved with regular Pilates and will help to improve your birth experience.

Unsettled baby? by Hattie Weeks Maternity Consultant

If you have an unsettled baby, a baby who has picked up some poor sleep habits or are expecting a baby and are considering home-support after the birth, you may want a chat with Hattie Weeks, Maternity Consultant.  Having worked with 1,600+ babies, Hattie helps with tinies from newborn to about 6 months old.  Offering both bespoke postnatal packages to suit your budget, she will support and coach you during those bumpy early weeks or provide one-off consultations.  Hattie comes to your home to trouble-shoot individual problems, help you establish a routine or just provide a bit of coaching as you get to grips with being a new mum.  By adopting good habits from birth and by following a baby's natural rhythm, Hattie will gently guide you towards a healthy routine for you and your baby. She also offers phone/email consultations by appointment.  You can find out more about Hattie and see the lovely testimonials from some of her many clients by visiting her website:  www.hattieweeks.co.uk or give her a call on her mobile number: 07930 403908.

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